Part 3: ... to innovation

The European day of languages- it will be a project day based on promoting foreign languages and cross-cultural understanding. The project day will be led by teachers and students from each school and it will address and invite the local community to be part of it. Each school will organize the day according to their possibilities but the aim is to involve the public. (e.g. organize a European coffee bar where children and teachers will present different countries with their basic phrases and some typical food or drinks.)

International dictionary III – will be focused on vocabularies connected with industry. We will use ICT tools (quizlet, kahoot, etc.). 

Reportage 3 - The industry reportage - In the frame of P30 each Erasmus club will make a report with usage of ICT tools (video, ppt presentation etc). This activity is going to connect the young generation using the modern technology and their diverse views according local industry. We would like to find out how is the industry influenced by local conditions and location. The students will prepare the reportages and act in the reportages therefore they will experience a lot of new things.

The map of industry - each partner school will produce a handmade map of own country where the contemporary crafts / industry will be highlighted. Each country will make 4 specimens of the Craft map in order to distribute one to each partner country. Therefore, all partners will have a collection of maps from all partner schools. The maps will be produced by members of Erasmus clubs. The collection of maps will be placed in a visible place at school so that students, teachers, parents and all school visitors can see them.

Organising ordinary lesson with the project topic - "Career guidance“. We aim at introducing career possibilities in local region. We would like to prepare a guideline how to find an apropriate school for individual student. We also aim on searching strong sides of student as a individuality.

Project day "Christmas craft workshop" - Each partner school will organise the project daywith christmas crafts topic for all students and teachers from each school. Each school will provide a report and photos from this project day which will be placed on the project website. There will be also an article presented in the local press. Each school will choose the way how to organize the project day according to their choice and possibilities. 

The third Erasmus+ mobility will take place in Lithuania. Here you can read about our programme and things we experienced.

Sample lesson for young / inexperienced teachers III. - this lesson will focus on the reading literacy and it will be led by experienced teachers. The main topic will be "My influence in local community". The aim is to produce worksheets that will be further used as materials during the short term exchange C3 - Lithuania. Some teachers of each school will present them and show different teaching styles and methods therefore dissemination of materials and exchange of good practice will take place. Worksheets will be placed on the project website for long term usage.

Essay- Topic : „My future career“ - This activity is designed/planned for the whole schools. Children will use any literature genre and write an essay bearing the career guidence. It will be written in mother tongue. The best essays at each school will be rewarded. The best essays of each school will be also placed in the local newspaper, on the school webpages and on the project website.

Excursion 3 – Let´s experience the industry. Members of Erasmus club will explore and gain neccessary information about some industry in the region. Involved student will get chance to experience and compare information gathered in other project activities.

Poster competition : "Industry and enviroment"- The posters will be done in any way- hand made or ICT. The competition is meant for all students in partner schools. The posters will be produced in frame of ART or ICT lessons. The best posters will be chosen at each school and placed on the project website where the international voting will take place.


Beautiful moments

In our gallery you can take a look at photos from our activities, short – term exchanges and of our project outcomes.