Our project called "From tradition to Innovation" mainly focuses on safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage as craftmanship and also aims to support the technical education and map the industry and labour market not only in their locality but also abroad. It aims to give students a better start when making their career choice.

The chosen priorities of the project are: supporting individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences, social and educational value of European cultural heritage and sustainable investment in quality and efficiency of education, training and youth system.

All activities have been linked to the main priorities as well as to the topics that our project covers, such as: the labour market issues together with the career guidance, youth unemployment, enterprise, industry and international cooperation.

Our project aims:

  • to show our students and other participants that craft is a part of the cultural heritage and it is important to save the knowledge and skills in order to be pass them onto future generations
  • to freshen up the traditionalcrafts since a lot of them have been dying out recently - to increase students´interest in technical field - since the lack of students who would like to study technical school is quite crucial
  • to innovate education, do research and use technology to complete the project activities - to strengthen students´selfconfidence and independence.
  • to raise their confidence by giving them opportunity to work with their international counterparts, by broading their horizons and by giving them further experience beyond their curriculum
  • to improve the students´critical thinking and support their responsible approach to information - by searching, compiling and selecting information
  • to promote language education and meet new people
  • to use English as a tool for communication and cooperation
  • to increase quality of career guidance by improving the students´ability to judge their skills and find a suitable job

The project focuses on exchanging good practice in order to find the most effective ways for improvements in all aspect of education. All results will be further dissaminated in our schools, local communities and - by doing so- the project will have an international impact. Results: -the project planning calendar, the project logo, the project website,merchandised products,the craft map, the international dictionary, ordinary lessons, sample lessons,project days, video reportages, Pilgrim diary, photobooks,essays, workshops, jobs´family tree, historical timeline, excursions, bulletins.

To ensure long term sustainability, we are going to keep some of the project activities in the long run e.g. the European Day of Languages, craft project days, excursions. Also the exchange of good practices will take place. We aim to build up long -term friendship among teachers and pupils and to make suitable environment to share inspiration and good practise even after the project ends.

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Beautiful moments

In our gallery you can take a look at photos from our activities, short – term exchanges and of our project outcomes.