Our school is located in a small town called Holice, in the eastern part of Bohemia.


ZŠ Komenského Holice
Komenského 100, Holice 53401
Telephone: +420 466 682 135

Information about this partner:

Our school is located in a small town called Holice, in the eastern part of Bohemia. We have 9 grades for children from 6 to15 years old. There are 360 pupils in 18 classes, 28 teachers this school year. A lot of the children come from villages situated nearby. We are a typical elementary school, providing quality education to all pupils, including pupils with special needs, according to our school educational system called "School for all". We also integrate many children with ADHD, too. All integrated students have individualized educational programmes. Our school focuses on ecology, science and language education.Our school participates in many different activities, long-lasting projects and international cooperations. We have already taken part in a Comenius project called Green,healthy and sporty, which finished in 2014. This project concentrated on ecological topics and healthy life style. In years 2016-2018, Erasmus + project called Let´s help is running. This project has been a kind of continuation of the previous project and it also focuses on ecology and healthy life style.

The motivation to apply for the new project is to join the year of cultural heritage and show our students the importance of taking their own responsibility for their cultural background, we aim to enhance their self confidence, to improve their language competence and use English as a tool for communication and cooperation. We are also motivated to improve the students´ crosscurruricular competences and critical thinking and therefore their competitiveness in their future life. Another motivation for this project is to help teachers in fullfilling their roles and by exchanging good practices also finding new ways of teaching.We aim to raise standards across the school community The key persons: 1) the Headmaster - the legal person, PE teacher, possessing management and leadership skills, administrative and supervising skills,participant in two former projects. 2) the Vice-Principal - Science teacher- management, supervising, administrative and communicative skills. She was a participant in our two former projects. 3) the School Guidance and Prevention Councelor- the main coordinator of this project, coordinator of two former projects, English and Czech language teacher, communicative and organizational skills. 4) English language teacher - participant in two former projects, language competences, communicative and organizational skills. 5) the Accountant - already experienced from working on two former projects. 6) other specialised teachers and all pupils who will take part in various project activities A lot of teachers at our school participate and have experience with the project therefore they can overtake the roles. As mentioned, all partner schools have at least on experience with active participation in a European project. We expect all our partners to bring in international views and their specific experience gained from their former projects.



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